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born 1945, finished her studies in medicine in 1972. Since 1976, she has worked continuously in general practice and naturopathy. 1983, she started her own practice together with her sister, also a medical doctor. At the same time, she worked with Deutsche Lufthansa from 1975 to 1993.

Sacher´s main interest is finding the cause of the chronic diseases of today, especially cancer, AIDS and chronic infections. While treating patients with nontoxic substances, her methods are informed primarily by environmental medicine, nutrition and psychological factors. She is a founding member of IGUMED (Interdisciplinary Society of Enviremental Medicine), DAGNÄ (German Community Medical Practitioners for AIDS patients), DGEIM (German Society of Energy Medicine), and a member of various other societies for alternative diagnosis and treatment. Her methods are influenced by the work of Dr. H. Kremer, Dr. G. Enderlein, Dr. J. Budwig, Dr. T. Gradl, Dres. D´Adamo, and Dr. T. Tallberg.

Over more than 20 years and in several countries, Dr. Sacher has given talks and seminars in which she imparts a deep understanding of the newest research into cell and evolution biology, and the progression of cancer and AIDS-informed by her more than 30 years´ experience in treating patients with nontoxic methods.