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'The "AIDS" Hoax and Gay Men'

From the very beginning gay men have been identified with "AIDS"- even before it had a name. Gay men were linked to the "epidemic" though labelling ("gay cancer", "Gay-Related Immune Deficiency"or GRID).

They would be targeted for testing and drugging, just as earlier they had been targeted for the marketing of "poppers" (nitrite inhalants) and other "recreational" drugs.

Well before the alleged "AIDS virus" acquired its official name in 1986,I and others had dissented from AIDS-orthodoxy in the gay press.

Three things were clear: 1) "AIDS" was not a coherent disease entity, and had never been defined rationally, and 2) whatever "AIDS" might be, it was not infectious, and 3) there were good reasons, having nothing todo with a virus, why "AIDS" patients were sick in the ways they were. The "epidemic" must be seen in context: the historic persecution of gay men. Although sex between males is a part of life, something practised enthusiastically in classical antiquity, it has been ruthlessly suppressed since the 4th century AD, when Christianity became thestate religion of the Roman Empire. Over the intervening centuries gay men have been imprisoned, tortured, castrated and killed - for violatingan Old Testament taboo. The AIDS Hoax carries forward this persecution through psychological warfare and the mass poisoning of gay men with toxic and worthless drugs.

Using documents obtained from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA),I demonstrated that the premier "AIDS" drug, AZT (aka zidovudine et al.)was approved for marketing on the basis of fraudulent re search. As the FDA abandoned the double-blind, placebo-controlled trial as the gold standard for drug approval, it destroyed the last pretense of evidence-based drug approval. All of the subsequent "AIDS" drugs from nucleoside analogues to protease inhibitors, rode in on the coat-tails of AZT.

The reaction of the "gay community", if there is such a thing, has been mixed: great courage and anger, but also victimhood and masochism. The New York Native, which for over a decade provided a voice for AIDS-dissidents, was destroyed through a boycott led by "AIDS activists" controlled by Big Pharma. The Gay & Lesbian Humanist is now the only gay publication that is open to AIDS critics. At present perfectly healthy gay men are receiving bogus "HIV-positive" diagnoses, and are then prescribed drugs which will cause malaise,deformity and death.

John Lauritsen