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"Immaculate conception or maculate perception - A view of science through Ludwik Fleck’s spectacles"

Ludwik Fleck - physician, molecular biologist and science theorist - views science as an historically and sociologically limited product of researching individuals, who in their turn are capable of limited perception only.

«... Cognition is neither passive contemplation nor the act of gaining the only possible insight into a finished actuality. Rather, it implies a relationship entered into in an active and spirited fashion, a process of transforming and being transformed; in short - creation.»

Ludwik Fleck (1929)

In the thick of things you do not see very far. While even the distant glance of the observer is at no time ?objective”, it is certainly better suited for perceiving a whole, its movement and blind spots, as well as one’s own position. This eliminates the breeding ground of any kind of dogmatism and fanaticism.

Uta Santos-König