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"AIDS - Exposing the myths - a video history"

digs into the Immunity Resource Foundation archive and highlights, using clips from this 25 year video collection, the stories, key moments and participants in this historic challenge to a prevailing scientific oligarchy and hostile media establishment.

The video clips will takes back to 1986 when Meditel’s first documentary on the subject, AIDS -The unheard voices, was made. The documentary provided a platform for dissenting voices, highlighting Peter Duesberg’s rejection of the virus/AIDS hypothesis. The film won the UK Royal Television Society’s Award for Journalism. We then dip into a series of subsequent film and video reports featuring the collection of voices raised in alarm at the disastrous consequences of the use of AZT as an antiviral. We recall the momentous Amsterdam Alternative AIDS Conference in 1992. - which we believed would end the whole scientific charade – and feature the ejection of protestors from the Berlin World AIDS Conference in 1993.

We reflect the Perth Group’s position on whether HIV has ever been isolated, and then move to Africa, highlighting the voices of those who saw “AIDS” appropriating and swallowing up specialties like TB and malaria. Finally we, and we hear South Africa’s former president, Thabo Mbeki, reflect on the censorship and bigotry that surrounds AIDS science.

Joan Shenton