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"AIDS und homoepathy in afrika"

Homeopathy has proven to be a potent and effective system for healing individuals because individualizing each case is the essence of its methodology.

Homeopathy’s greatest asset, though, appears to be in treatments for specific conditions, such as epidemic diseases and collective trauma. There are impressive historic examples of such specific applications of homeopathy in the 19th and 20th centuries. Also AIDS has been treated with homeopathy in Africa since 2002 with consistent results, especially with a specific remedy, PC1 (

For the selection and efficacy of a homeopathic remedy for AIDS the more technical discussion of the mechanics behind AIDS are of less relevance, as in selecting a remedy a homeopath is guided by the common symptoms all patients are suffering from and not by any explanatory model for the condition.

Conventional medicine is based on the principle of attacking, in this case the virus thought to be responsible for AIDS, which at the long term results in therapy resistance and as a side effect damages the immune system and compromises the natural healing ability of the organism. Homeopathy is based on supporting the immune system and in the case of AIDS to mobilize it to contain and manage whatever deranges the diseased individual, and it offers a safe, free from side-effects, effective and cheap treatment.

Homeopathy, PC1, can be complementary to any other rational approach to AIDS, and even if patients are on ARVs still proves to be effective and considerably reduces the side-effects of ARVs by improving the patient’s condition.

Harry van der Zee
Amma Resonance Healing Foundation

Harry van der Zee